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Web development

We offer everything related to building a web-based solution – from web design, content creation, backend development, frontend development to web app maintenance, troubleshooting and security measures, we got you completly covered.

Mobile development

We handle your mobile development project from the initial thought troughtout the whole process with release and maintenance. Our innovative ideas and agile methodologies enable us to produce mobile apps with great user experience.


We help our partners determine the best ways to increase the potential of their product. Our team will work closely with you to develop an effective strategy to maximise performance, scalability and competitiveness of your company.

Why choose us?

You are looking for an IT company that can help you achieve your business goals. You want a company with the experience and resources to deliver in quality manner, on time and to the budget. You want a team that you can trust to get the job done right, someone who will address your unique needs and concerns.

With more than a decade of professional software engineering experience, we are eager to deliver customised solutions and the right IT infrastructure at the right price and on time. More importantly, we will do it with high quality service and constant support. Because we believe in mutual success.

Software Development

Your demands are unique, and your software solution can be too. We deliver a software development services that adapt seamlessly to your business needs. Our dedicated team will will provide a constant support and create tailored solutions for your project requirements. This makes it a smart long-term investment as it evolves as your business grows while you can plan your development costs linearly and focus on what's important.


As your reliable partner we want to cut your costs but excel the quality of your product. The best way this can be done is through offshoring. It is the finest cost-effective strategy as it reduces the operational cost while expanding your workforce. You can often get a team recruited, onboarded and ready to be operational in a super short stretch of time. This method is great way to diversify and minimise your local business risks by setting a part of your team in a different region of the world.


Outsourcing became a common practice among both established companies and startups. It helps you develop, test and launch the product faster while cutting the unnecessary costs. We specialise in providing your company reliable, skilful, knowledgable talents that will make your dream team come true. Our customised recruitment process ensures that every candidate is thoroughly screened to meet your needs, enabling you to select the best match for your role.

Step by Step (SBS™️) aproach

A method we pioneered for all the risk-averse companies and individuals that prefer to take the time to test applicants’ abilities and adaptability before starting a long-term collaboration. It allows them to, at preferred pace, determine whether the candidate is the right fit. This unique, time-flexible solution enables a slower and seamless integration of additional team member into the local team, while we simultaneously do a constant feedback loop throughout the process.

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